Jabberwocky - Out Of School

We offer both regular and ad hoc sessions during "Term Time" and "Holidays". Simply call Rachael on 01943 839000 to check availability.

The Jabberwocky Club is run from the top floor of the nursery building, it has been refurbish March 2011, to give us a separate play space designated and specifically designed for The Jabberwocky Club.

A wide range of daily activities are provided to ensure that every child enjoys learning through play and different experiences. Learning opportunities are presented to the children in a fun filled manner, which encourage participation and involvement, both in individual and group situations.

All aspects of our setting may be adapted to extend learning opportunities. There will be regular trips out of the setting especially during the long holiday periods to enable the children to have plenty of fresh air and exercise. 

The Jabberwocky Club provides children with opportunities to engage in:-
  •  Art and Crafts – Children are encouraged to be creative through the vast activities that we offer, such as clay and play dough, painting, drawing, modelling, baking, sewing, knitting, sand and water and much more.
  • ICT - Children can explore the use of computers and various educational games, digital and video cameras and sound resources.
  • DT - Children can explore the use of different materials and parts like wood, card, gears and leavers, cams and axils, air and water by investigating, designing and using various types of tools to construct such items as vehicles, moving puppets to investigate Mechanisms and pneumatics.
  • Science - Children can learn about materials and their properties and conduct various experiments, which are fun, interesting and safe.

  • Role Play Area - Children can engage in role-play, den making, puppet and magic shows, drama, music and dance by using their imagination, social and communication skills.

  • Book and Relaxation Area - Allows children to look at a range of fact and fiction books, use puppets, spoken word cassettes and story sacks to enhance their enjoyment of reading and at certain times watch age appropriate television, videos etc.

  • Carpet Area - Provides children with the opportunity to use large resources such as construction kits, small world sets, a large selection of board games and jigsaws.

  • Tabletop Activities – Children can engage in activities such as jigsaws, board games, card games and origami, which are all available for the children to access freely during the day.

  • Group Activities – We can provide opportunities for group activities, such as music and movement, Karaoke and story time.

  • Physical development - Activities will be catered for both inside and out, with various types of trips, group physical games, large scale play outside, along with drama, music and dance, large scale table top games such as table tennis and football inside. 

  • Outdoor Environment - Children can participate in den building, large-scale sand and water play, science and nature activities, gardening, group games at the park and various trips out of the setting.


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