Jack & Jill Room

A Range of daily activities are provided in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that every child enjoys learning through play and different experiences. Learning opportunities are presented to the children in a fun filled manner, which encourage participation and involvement, both in individual and group situations. All aspects of our setting may be adapted to extend learning opportunities. Trips out of the setting and visitors to us, are just some of the additional ways in which we enhance the children’s environment.

Early Years Foundation Stage covers the following seven areas of learning and development:-

  1. Personal, social and emotional.
  2. Communication and language.
  3. Literacy.
  4. Mathematics.
  5. Understanding the world.
  6. Physical development.
  7. Expressive arts and design.

Observations and assessments linked to the seven areas of learning covered in the Early Years Foundation Stage, are regularly instigated in groups and on an individual basis, allowing your child’s key person to continually update their development file based upon their progress.

The room is split into specific areas with the following facilities:

  • The “Messy Area” which encourages children to be creative through activities such as painting, dough, drawing sand and water.
  • The “ICT Area” which provides opportunities to explore the use of computers, digital cameras and sound resources.
  • The “Home Play Area” which encourages children to engage in role-play by using their imagination, social and communication skills.
  • The “Book Area” allows children to look at a range of fact and fiction books, use puppets, spoken word cassettes and story sacks to enhance their enjoyment of reading and language.
  • The “Carpet Area” provides children with the opportunity to use large resources such as construction kits and small world sets.
  • Table top activities such as jigsaws and board games are available for the children to access freely during the day.
  •  There is also an area used for group activities, such as music and movement and story time.

Additional Pre-School activities begin from three years of age which focus on games and experiences to promote basic numeracy and literacy concepts. Pre School learning is continually promoted during the day through conversations and interaction from staff and peers. Prior to your child leaving the nursery for primary school parents will receive a “My Learning Picture” which highlights their achievements whilst attending the setting.

Opportunities for sleep and rest are provided during the day, staff will settle the children and assist in sleeping times in conjunction with parental requests. Meal times also take place within the playroom allowing children to develop social skills and interact with one another whilst sitting together at the table.

Further information on Jack & Jill’s room is detailed in a separate handbook that is provided for parents during their child’s settling in phase.

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