Humpty Dumpty Room

This room provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere for children under two years of age. For younger babies, daily routines are followed in conjunction with parental request to ensure consistency for your child.

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Nursery Rhymes operates a key person system; which means a named member of staff is responsible for ensuring that your child’s individual needs are met in addition to maintaining developmental records on behalf of your child. These are available for you to view at any time, if you have any questions regarding your child, their key person will be happy to discuss any matters at a mutually agreed time. Daily diaries are also used to inform parents/guardians of their child’s day at nursery, the diary includes information regarding nappy changes, sleep records and food/milk offered throughout the day.

Activities and experiences are carried out in Humpty Dumpty’s room in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Planning is mainly spontaneous allowing children choices and opportunities to direct their own learning. Practitioners observe and interact with the children during play and respond appropriately to ensure that their needs are met and developed according to their interests.

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The room is designed to promote three prime areas of learning and development including, Personal, Social and Emotional, Physical and Communication and Language. Opportunity to develop these three areas are encouraged through play and activities which promote Sensory, Movement and Communication experiences. Resources such as treasure baskets that are filled with a variety of resources, for example fabrics, wooden objects or musical instruments for the children to investigate. Messy play encourages the children to explore experiences such as painting, dough, sand and water. Language and communication is promoted through the use of songs, stories and interactions between staff and the children during play. There is an area used for activities to promote physical skills too such as, music and movement and the use of soft play equipment.

Opportunities for sleep and rest throughout the day are provided in our “Quiet area”, staff settle the children and assist in sleep times in conjunction with parental requests. Meal and snack times also take place within the playroom allowing children to develop social skills and interact with one another whilst sitting together at the meal table.

Further information on Humpty Dumpty’s room is detailed in a separate handbook that is provided for parents during their child’s settling in phase.

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