Mealtimes & Snacks


Here at Nursery Rhymes our policy on food is as serious and professional as it is to providing good quality care for every child attending the nursery. All kitchen and nursery staff within the setting hold a recognised food hygiene certificate to ensure correct procedures are maintained when preparing and serving food for the children.

We have a full time chef, who produces a varied menu of freshly prepared nutritional meals. Local independent grocers and butchers supply the fruit, vegetables and meat used. The menu will be placed on the notice board in the lobby area each day and information on what your child has eaten will be included in their daily diary.

We have devised a Summer and Winter menu, devised on a four week cycle, which rotate on a daily basis as well, for example if a child only attends on a Monday, within twenty weeks, they will have sampled everything on our menus.

If your child has any allergies and/or special dietary requirements please complete the appropriate sections on the “Application form for Admission” this can be found under Forms to Complete section.

Fresh drinking water is provided throughout the day for the children in addition to milk and fresh fruit juices which are served with meals and snacks.

Meal Times
Breakfast 7.30am - 9am Includes a variety of cereals, toast and fresh fruit
Lunch 11:30am Two course cooked lunch and dessert
High Tea 3:30pm Two course cooked tea followed by savoury snack and fresh fruit

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