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Nursery Fees

It is our company policy to confirm and secure a booking on receipt of completed "Application Form", "Childcare Agreement" and the Deposit, please note the deposit is one months fee.

Our current fees and session times are listed in the file below.

Nursery and Pre-school Session Times and Fee Structure - Septmber 2019 (202kb)
Jabberwocky Session Times and Fee Structure - Septmber 2019 (207kb)

For your reference our fees are reviewed each September.

Early Education Grant For Two Year Olds

Nursery Rhymes is now a Linked Childcare Provider, which means we are able to offer fifteen hours a week of free education for two year olds, where families meet a set criteria.

The current criteria is the same as the Free School Meals entitlement or for a child who is looked after.  Parents can claim Early Education for their two year old if they or their partner receives one of the following:-

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The ‘Guarantee’ element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit, provided that are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income that does not exceed  £16,190

A child can access an Early Education place the term after their second birthday, until the term after their third birthday, when they will then become entitled to a Nursery Education place for three and four year olds.

If you feel that you currently meet any of the above criteria, please do not hesitate to contact the Nursery Manager to arrange a meeting.

NEG - Nursery Education Grant For All Three & Four Year Olds

The term after your child’s third birthday, you will be able to claim up to five nursery vouchers per week, even if your child attends full time. If your child attends other establishments where nursery vouchers can be claimed, please note you may still only claim a total of five nursery vouchers per week.

You will be required to complete the relevant forms to enable us to claim the vouchers on your behalf. The vouchers can only be claimed for a total of thirty-eight weeks a year (term time).

To make life easier for all and to keep your monthly fees constant, we calculate the value of your nursery funding over the 38 weeks that they are payable, then divide by twelve to come to a regular monthly deduction. Funded term time only sessions are also provided, to discuss the various options in utilising your child’s Nursery Education Grant funding please speak with the Nursery Manager.

Prior to April 2013 you could only use your free entitlement over 38 weeks a year, which meant if you only required 10 hours a week, you lost the remaining 5 hours a week for 38 weeks, or you used childcare during those 38 weeks you did not actually require and then paid for childcare you did require during the remaining 14 weeks which were not funded.

You can now spread your entitlement of “Free hours” over the full year, using the above example your child could attend 10 hours of care at Nursery Rhymes for 52 weeks of the year for FREE.


Help With Fees - Tax Credits

Nine out of 10 families are eligible for some financial assistance through the new Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances.

Families with children can claim Child Tax Credit if their income is no more than £58,175 a year (up to £66,350 if you have a child under one). The amount you get depends on various things, including your annual income and is paid directly into the bank of the main carer.
The other tax credit you may be entitled to, if either you or your partner is working, is called Working Tax Credit. It includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare.

How to Claim

You can order a claim pack over the ''phone by calling the tax credits helpline on 0845 300 3900. Lines are open every day (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year''s Day and Easter Sunday) from 8am to 8pm. If you''re part of a couple or civil partnership and you both work at least 16 or 30 hours a week, you can decide who''ll get the Working Tax Credit payments.
For more information on eligibility and how to claim tax credits, you can visit www.taxcredits.inlandrevenue.gov.uk

Help With Fees - Childcare Vouchers Through Your Employer

In April 2005 the government introduced the “Corporate Childcare Vouchers Scheme”. This scheme is available to all parents/legal guardians. Please do not confuse this with the “Nursery Educational Grant for three and four year olds”, which is in addition to this scheme.

The scheme works by allowing each parent/legal guardian to earn a portion of their salary, which is non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance, and is paid in the form of “Corporate Childcare Vouchers”

Self employed parents/legal guardians can also benefit from the use of these “Corporate Childcare Vouchers” but only if they pay themselves a salary.

This allowance has been capped currently at £55 for each parent/legal guardian per week. This equates to £2,916 per annum or £243 per calendar month for each parent/legal guardian.

Effectively this means that BOTH parents/legal guardians can pay the fees due on one invoice using “Corporate Childcare Vouchers”, therefore doubling the saving. This also includes same sex parents.


The new revised benefit of £55.00 per week per parent is in addition to existing tax credits. However it is only payable through your employer''s payroll and can only be paid in vouchers into a workplace-provided nursery, or paid by the employer direct to the nursery.

The provisions do not cover purchase of childcare vouchers directly by employees.

Vouchers must be used with a registered or approved childcare provider.

The employer must be responsible for the purchasing of childcare or you will not qualify for the tax reductions. In the case of an employer paying the nursery directly Nursery Rhymes will invoice the employer directly.

What to do Next

You should speak to your Personnel/Payroll Department. They may already have registered with one of the companies listed below. If not, they should simply call one of them and apply to register. It is that easy!

For smaller employers, if they choose to pay Nursery Rhymes directly rather than use a third party, please contact the Nursery Manager.

Nursery Rhymes currently accept vouchers from the following companies:-

Care-4 0844 800 1444 www.care-4.co.uk
Edenred 0843 453 4406 www.childcarevouchers.co.uk
Sodekho Pass 0800 328 7411 www.sodekopass.co.uk
Fair Care 0800 652 4745 www.faircare.co.uk
Chamber Childcare 0845 606 6560 www.chamberchildcare.co.uk
KiddiVouchers 0800 612 4395 www.kiddivouchers.com
Fideliti 0800 288 8727 www.fideliti.co.uk
Computershare 0845 002 1111 www.computersharevoucherservices.com

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